At Bulldog Computers we only use products that have been extensively tested and have the lowest failure rates. With technology over time components wear out and fail. Some key factors speed up this process (such as inferior solders and poorly made capacitors) and we look to only use parts from major manufacturer's who keep these key factors in mind, avoiding them,  and build solid reliable parts. Some of the major manufacturer's that we use are Intel and AMD for processors, ASUS and MSI for motherboards, G.Skill for memory, Western Digital for hard drives, Antec and Inwin for cases and power supplies, and Nvidia and ATI (an AMD Company) for video cards. All of these manufacturer's have a track record of reliability and when something does happen (because no one can be 100% at all times) these companies make it right.

Western Digital for example has a remarkable line of Caviar Black Hard Drives that carry a 5 Year Warranty. In anything electronic a 5 Year Warranty is unheard of. The fact that Western Digital is willing to offer a 5 Year Warranty on these drives shows just how much they trust and believe in there product.

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